Fibre Broadband Update

Last Updated Saturday 23rd March 2014

This information is approximate and should be regarded as an indicator only. The provided information is likely to be inaccurate.

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Pending Build April - June 2014
    Wavendon Gate (SMWSP9) (South) FTTP *** AWAITING UPDATE FROM OPENREACH ***

Build ETA 31st March 2014
    Oxley Park (SMSUP40) (North West) FTTC

Live March 2014
Ashland (SMBAP125) FTTC

Live Feb 15th 2014
Broughton Gate (SMBAP128) FTTC
Live November 25th 2013
Tattenhoe (SMSUP30) FTTC
Shenley Church End (SMSUP9) FTTC

Live FTTP ??????
Walton Park (SMBAP88) FTTP

Live October 27th 2013
Woburn Sands/Wavendon FTTPoD available in FTTC areas
Wavendon Gate (SMWSP8) (North) FTTC
Live October 10th 2013
Olney Exchange Fibre Enabled
Olney {SMOYPCP2} West Street FTTC
Olney {SMOYPCP7} 108 East Street
Olney {SMOYPCP8} Asprey

Live July 29th 2013
Broughton Gate (SMBAP129) FTTC

Live July 22nd 2013
Broughton Gate (SMBAP130) FTTC

Live July 23rd 2013
Newton Leys (SMMK) FTTP

Live June 24th 2013
Passmore / Tinkers Bridge (SMBAP2) FTTC

Live June 10th 2013
Great Linford (SMBAP47) FTTC

Live May 27th 2013
Bow Brickhill FTTC
Simpson / Woughton Park (SMBAP1) FTTC
Magna Park (SMWSP17) FTTC (can't confirm)
Bradville (SMWSP40) FTTC
Westcroft (SMSUP28) FTTC
Westcroft (SMSUP36) FTTC

Live May 7 2013
Great Linford West (SMBAP39) FTTC
Great Linford St Ledger / Hartley (SMBAP38) FTTC 
Bradwell Common (SMBAP105) (West) FTTC

Phase 9a/b September 2012 - March 2013

Live April 1 2013
CMK South Seventh Street (SMBAP53) FTTC
Downhead Park (SMBAP60) (North East) FTTC

Live March 15 2013
Conniburrow (East) (SMBAP17) FTTC
Conniburrow (East2) (SMBAP18) FTTC
CMK (SMBAP62 area around North Fourteenth Street) FTTC

Live March 4 2013
Beanhill (South) (SMBAP13) FTTC
Fishermead (North East) (SMBAP14) FTTC
Coffee Hall (SMBAP11) FTTC
Coffee Hall (SMBAP10) FTTC
Netherfield South Langland Road on Barnfield(SMBAP7) FTTC
Pennyland (SMBAP43) FTTC
Neath Hill South East (SMBA28 1 Armourer Drive) FTTC 
Neath Hill (SMBAP30 34 Currier Drive) FTTC
CMK (SMBAP127 Sainsbury Vizion) FTTC
CMK THE HUB FTTC (SMBAP126 Avebury Boulevard) FTTC
Bradwell Common (SMBAP41) (East) FTTC
Great Linford (SMBAP38 St Ledger Drive/Marsh Drive) FTTC

Live January 14 2013
Lower Wavendon (SMWSP6) FTTC
Woburn Sands Turnpike Court (SMWSP3) FTTC
Wavendon (SMWSP4) FTTC
Aspley Guise (SMWSP1) FTTC 
Aspley Guise South West {SMWSP7} FTTC
Aspley Guise North West {SMWSP2} FTTC
Woburn Sands North nr Cranbrook Rd (SMWSP5) FTTC
Kingston North (SMWS11) FTTC
Kingston South (SMWS12) FTTC
Eaglestone North West (SMBAP15) FTTC
Oxley Park South (SMSUP39) FTTC

Phase 8a

Live Tuesday 11 September 2012
Great Linford (SMBAP46) (North) FTTC

Live Thursday 6 July 2012
CMK (South Central) FTTP
Bean Hill North (SMBAP12) FTTC
Bradwell Common Central (SMBAP52) FTTC
Conniburrow (West) FTTC
Monkston (West) FTTP

LIVE Thursday 17 May 2012
Downs Barn (South) FTTC

LIVE Thursday 10 May 2012
Downs Barn (North) FTTC
Lakes Estate FTTC -- SMBT

LIVE Tuesday 03 May 2012
Broughton North (SMBAP56) FTTC
Fishermead South West (SMBAP20} (FTTC)

LIVE Tuesday 24th April 2012
Oldbrook (All) FTTC
Netherfield (SMBAP6) FTTC
Downhead Park Part FTTC some FTTP trial
Campbell Park (South) FTTC

LIVE Thursday 19th April 2012
Springfield FTTC
Leadenhall FTTC
Eaglestone FTTC
Fishermead (West) FTTC
Oldbrook (South Central) Part FTTC
Bolbeck Park FTTC
Peartree Bridge FTTC
Willen Park FTTC some FTTP trial

Earlier Phases

FTTP Trial 2010-2011
Kents Hill FTTP
Campbell Park (North) FTTP
Woolstone FTTP
Monkston FTTP
Walnut Tree FTTP
Milton Keynes Village FTTP
Woughton on the Green FTTP
Loughton FTTP
Shenley Lodge FTTP
Bleak Hall FTTP
Walton Park FTTP
Willen East (SMBAP44) FTTP
Willen West (SMBAP69) FTTP

OR Phase Information
This could be wrong

Phase 7aOct-11Dec-11
Phase 7bJan-12Mar-12
Phase 8aApr-12Jun-12
Phase 8bJul-12Sep-12
Phase 9aOct-10Dec-12
Phase 9bJan-13Mar-13
Phase 10a      April-13    Jun-13
Phase 10b      Jul-13      Sep-13
Phase 11a      Oct-13     Dec-13
Phase 11b      Jan-13     March-14
March 14 - End of commercial deployment

Cabinet Mapping Workings

Bradwell Abbey
Tipon PCP

{SMBA}{P11T} Monkston (FTTP)
{SMBA}{P13T} Monkston (FTTP)
{SMBA}{P14T} Monkston (FTTP)
{SMBA}{P18T} Monkston (FTTP)
{SMBA}{P19T} Monkston (FTTP)
{SMBA}{P21T} Monkston (FTTP)

Standard PCP
{SMBA}{PS1} Atterbury at Broughton
{SMBA}{P1} Simpson FTTC TBA March 2013
{SMBA}{P2} Passmore / Tinker Bridge (FTTC) TBA March 2013
{SMBA}{P3} Conniburrow East (FTTC) TBA March 2013
{SMBA}{P4} Peartree Bridge East (FTTC) Live April 2012
{SMBA}{P5} Eaglestone North East FTTC
{SMBA}{P6} Netherfield West (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P7} Netherfield Mid South (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P8} Bleak Hall (???)
{SMBA}{P10) Coffee Hall North (FTTC) TBA March 2013
{SMBA}{P11} Coffee Hall South (FTTC) TBA March 2013
{SMBA}{P12} Beanhill North (FTTC) Live July 2012
{SMBA}{P13} Beanhill South (FTTC) TBA March 2013
{SMBA}{P14} Fishermead Central (FTTC) Live May 2012
{SMBA}{P15} Eaglestone West (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P16} Downsbarn North (FTTC) Live May 2012
{SMBA}{P17} Conniburrow East 1 (FTTC) ETA March 2013
{SMBA}{P18} Conniburrow East 2 (FTTC) ETA March 2013
{SMBA}{P20} Fishermead West (FTTC) Live May 2012
{SMBA}{P21} Springfield North (FTTC) Live April 2012
{SMBA}{P22} CMK The Centre:MK 1(FTTC) 
{SMBA}{P23} CMK North Tenth Street (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P24} CMK North Twelfth Street (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P25} CMK The Centre:MK 2(FTTC)
{SMBA}{P26} Fishermead North East(FTTC)
{SMBA}{P27} North Seventh Street (FTTC) Live March 2013
{SMBA}{P28} Neath Hill South East (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P30} Neath Hill West (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P31} Neath Hill No idea (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P32} Springfield South (FTTC) Live April 2012
{SMBA}{P33} Leaden Hall West (FTTC) April 2012
{SMBA}{P34} North Fifth Street (FTTC) NO PLAN
{SMBA}{P37} Downsbarn North FTTC Live May 2012
{SMBA}{P38} Great Linford St Ledger Drive / High Street (FTTC) TBA June 2013 PP
{SMBA}{P39} Great Linford Hartley (FTTC) TBA  2013
{SMBA}{P40} Oldbrook South East (FTTC)  Live April 2012
{SMBA}{P41} Bradwell Common East (FTTC) TBD March 2013
{SMBA}{P42} CMK South Ninth Street (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P43} Pennyland (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P44} Willen East (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P45} Woolstone (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P46} Great Linford North (FTTC) Live Sept 2012
{SMBA}{P47} Great Linford East (FTTC) TBA March 2013
{SMBA}{P48} Downhead Park Central (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P50} Old Brook North East (FTTC) Live April 2012
{SMBA}{P51} Silbury Court FTTX UNVIABLE??? NO PLAN
{SMBA}{P52} Bradwell Common Central FTTC
{SMBA}{P53} CMK South Seventh Street FTTC ETA June 2013
{SMBA}{P56} Broughton Gate North FTTC Live May 2012
{SMBA}{P58} Middleton FTTP Trial
{SMBA}{P60} Downhead Park North East FTTx NO PLAN
{SMBA}{P61} Oldbrookk South West (FTTC) Live April 2012
{SMBA}{P64} Loughton North (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P68} Bolbeck Park North (FTTC) Live April 2012  
{SMBA}{P69} Willen West FTTP TRIAL
{SMBA}{P70} Woolstone South (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P71} Loughton West (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P72} Wittan Gate East (FTTC) ETA March 2013
{SMBA}{P74} Shenley Lodge South (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P75} Shenley Lodge North (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P77} Loughton South (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P78} Walnut Tree South (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P79} Walnut Tree North (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P80} CMK The Centre:MK 4 (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P82} CMK North Fourteenth Street (FTTC) ETA March 2013
{SMBA}{P83} CMK The Centre MK 5 (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P85} CMK Upper Second Street (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P86} Walnut Tree Central (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P87} Walnut Tree West (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P88} Walton Park NO PLAN
{SMBA}{P90} CMK North Third Street (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P95} Shenley Lodge South (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P103} Kents Hill South (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P105} Bradwell Common West (FTTC)
{SMBA}{P106} Campbell Park North 1 (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P107} Campbell Park North 2 (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P108} Oldbrook South West 2 (FTTC) Live April 2012
{SMBA}{P109} Kents Hill North East (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P110} Broughton Gate Centra (FTTP) TBA August 2013
{SMBA}{P111} Middleton North (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P112} Monkston South (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P113} Middle West (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P117} Campbell Park South (FTTC) Live April 2012
{SMBA}{P118} Loughton East (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P120} Fishermead North East (FTTC) TB March 2013
{SMBA}{P121} Monkston Park (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P123} Broughton North (FTTP) Trial
{SMBA}{P124} Leaden Hall South (FTTC) Live April 2012
{SMBA}{P125} Ashland (FTTX) NO LANS
{SMBA}{P126} CMK THE HUB Avebury Boulevard (FTTC) TBA March 2013
{SMBA}{P127} CMK Sainsbury's Vizion FTTC TBA March 2013
{SMBA}{P128} Broughton Gate
{SMBA}{P129} Broughton Gate
{SMBA}{P130} Broughton Gate

Woburn Sands
{SMWS}{P1} Aspley Guise East FTTC Live Jan 2013
{SMWS}{P2} Aspley Guise North West FTTC Live Jan 2013 
{SMWS}{P3} Woburn Sands Turnpike Court (FTTC) Live Jan 2013
{SMWS}{P4} Wavendon FTTC Live Dec 2012
{SMWS}{P5} Woburn Sands North nr Cranbrook Rd (FTTC) Live Jan 2013
{SMWS}{P6} Lower Wavendon (FTTC) Live Jan 2012
{SMWS}{P7} Aspley Guise South West FTTC Live Jan 2013
{SMWS}{P8} Wavendon Gate North (FTTC) TBA March 2013
{SMWS}{P9} Wavendon Gate South (FTTP} TBA August 2013
{SMWS}{P11} Kingston North (SMWS11) FTTC Jan 2013
{SMWS}{P12} Kingston South (SMWS12) FTTC Jan 2013
{SMWS}{P14} Woburn Sands High Street (FTTC) TBA March 2013
{SMWS}{P17} Magna Park (FTTC) TBA March 2013

PP = Required/requires planning permission
MNV = Might not be viable

03/02/13 - Added list of cabinet number to area mappings
10/12/12 - Moved lots around. Add cab numbers to many. Merged Simpson and Woughton Park, Passmore and Tinkers bridge as they share a PCP. Added cab numbers to more areas.
01/12/12 - Moveed lots around. To many to mention. Tried to group areas by date when activation is anticipated. Moved some FTTP areas back to the unknown list as no activity or confirmation has been received.
28/11/12 - Removed duplicate for SMBAP126 (will be FTTC). Added install date for WS High Street cab. Added additional WG cab at PCP8.
20/11/12 - Update some SMBA areas from FTTP to FTTC.
19/11/12 - Change SMBA FTTP from Pending to Build. Added comment to indicate that FTTP install is occurring on Bradwell Common. Moved Wavendon Gate South FTTP into group with rest of FTTP deployment.
16/11/12 - SMWS has blockage in Station Road To be clear 21/11/12 - 23/11/12. Other duct installation is continuing. 100, of duct replacement required in Wavendon 30/11/12 - 06/12/12 inc traffic lights.Updated ETA for SMWS cabs to (eta 14 Dec - 14th Jan 2012) 
15/11/12 - Received information from OR via Ian to suggest that further duct blockage clearance is required on Woburn Sand High Street. Hope to see more progress WC 19/11/12. Added update to Great Linford FTTC SMBAP014 to state the planning permission has been informally rejected at this stage for conservation reasons. MK BAG are in direct contact with the OR sub contractor and various department within the council to find a resolution.
13/11/12 - Woburn Sands High Street (SMWSP014) FTTC planning permission approved for ECI128 on 9/11/12
12/11/12 - Added other Lower End Wavendon Cab as FTTC 
11/11/12 - Power connections for SMWS cabs completed this week. We hope to see fibre ducting completed and fibre blown for those cabs. BT appear to be doing duct installation work in Broughton towards Broughton Gate. Work continues in CMK. BT have hit blocked ducts in Silbury Blvd. We're still not sure about FTTP in Wavendon Gate. It will either be done week 3-4 November or won't occur until 2013. 
08/11/12 - BT engineers spotted installing ducting into Newton Leys. Oxley Park cab P41 re-shelled with what we think is a FTTC/PCP combined cab. Changed infill for SMBA back from FTTC to FTTP. Still not confirmed by BT but work looks like FTTP rather than FTTC. This is all a guess! Discovered that Oxley park has three cabs two in north one in south. Unsure of status for SMSUP40.but John is check for us. Oxley Park is probably going to have more houses so more cabs!
03/11/12 - Received update from Hugh. The Oxley park cabinets appear to be in build. Checks show SMSUP39 Oxley Park South has an eta of Dec 2012. We guess SMSUP41 Oxley Park North has an eta of Jan 2013.. 
02/11/12 - Moved back eta of SMWSP9AP1 due to unofficial information. Moved eta of WG South FTTP to Dec again confirmed as FTTP by 'other' source. Moved CMK install to Dec. Changed CMK installs from FTTC to FTTP.
01/11/12 - Updated ETA of SMWSP9AP1 cabs to 19th November - 14th Dec 2012 
31/10/12 - Planning permission was requested on 16th Oct for FTTC cab SMBAP47 on Great Linford eta set to Feb 2013. This seems to suggest BT have submitted work orders/contractors for the SMBA work.
29/10/12 - Fibre duct installation has start around Wavendon/Wavendon Gate. SMWSP9AP1 duct installs continue after removal of earlier blockages.
26/10/12 - Power connection for cabinets on SMWSP9AP1 scheduled from 13/11/12
26/10/12 - Plenty of OR activity in MK. SMWSP9AP1 Duct clearing work in Woburn Sands High Street and Cranfield Road Woburn Sands completed.
24/10/12 - SMWSP9AP1 Further work suspended on Friday 19th due to duct blockage within Woburn Sands High Street time to repair Friday  26th October. Commencement unknown. 
22/10/12 - SMWSP9AP1 Work permission rescinded by BT. Awaiting WPD or activation.
16/10/12 - Work on SMWS Phase 9a part 1 commence
11/10/12 - Received notification regarding installation of cabs on Wavendon, Wavendon Gate, Kingston, Brinklow, Woburn Sands FTTC. AKA SMWS Phase 9a part 1. Included 1 cab in NE CMK. SMBA phase 9a p1

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